Introducing dSCRUM

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Global hurdles into familiar huddles

dSCRUM is a tailored project management services approach to facilitate small businesses and freelance technical resources to benefit from agile SCRUM methods typically reserved for single-location and in-house project teams.

The “d” in dSCRUM stands for distributed, dynamic and distances applied to accepted SCRUM roles, events, artifacts, and rules. High-uncertainty technical projects are complex, risky and volatile in nature.

With active initial interviews and pin-point surveys, a PMP certified project management professional reviews the existing project documents and project goals. A definitive scope baseline is determined and agreed upon, essential for any agile project’s success. Along with the scope baseline, professional guidance is offered to establish milestones that are tracked and measured in real-time.

Whether you are a product owner, inspiring your team to create something wonderful with a professional plan, or a freelance technical professional interested in relieving your project management load please introduce your project to Team O’Neill and allow us to conduct a rapid assessment to determine if dSCRUM is good match.

dSCRUM Project Management Services include:

Developing Project Charter with the product owner, defining the essential project goals, anticipated timelines and authorization for project management services.

Publishing Project Ground Rules, by outlining expectations on how all project activities will be conducted by the entire project team.

Documenting Project Baselines, by establishing the stories, dependencies, estimates and priorities for the tasks, organized by project milestones.

Facilitating Project Work, including daily scrums, task refinement and sprint meetings.

Monitoring Project Work, by measuring task completion velocity and quality and their impacts to the project plan.

Milestone Delivery, by leading release planning activity to have observable functionality incementally available and not all at once at the conclusion of the project.

Project Closure, by providing a portable data extract of all project activity to offer opportunities for individual and organizational growth on future projects.

dSCRUM Technical Services include:

Professionally certified and highly experienced data expertise to analyze, architect, code, configure and integrate your project components with virtually any database and application platforms.

Software development team recommendations, depending on the skills necessary for your project. No two projects are exactly the same, and it can be a challenge to know if a prospective developer is the right fit.

Quality assurance planning, staffing and execution to meet or exceed project goals.

Next Step: Complete the Rapid Project Assessment

Completing the very brief, no-obligation Rapid Project Assessment begins the dSCRUM engagement process.

All dSCRUM project management services are quoted as flat fees based on the project services required and the team complexities involved.