Consult Your Local Feminist

Upon ordering some manner of … whatever… I was offered the dubious opportunity to begin receiving a free magazine. I never pull the trigger on these invitations because I have a problem with paper, but I thought “Why not?” and signed myself up for a subscription to some ladies’ mag. Immediately, I wished I hadn’t, not because I was concerned with the content, but it would be one more thing that I would need to throw away, but that was a thought for another day. Finally, I began receiving my magazine of choice. I cannot say that I was excited…

Changing the Cultural Channel

From the time we are born, American black people are exposed to white culture. There is no avoidance of it. Likely the doctor that delivered us was white, and many of the nurses. We will be taught by white teachers. Watch white television. Live and share in the white world around us. We will learn to acclimate to this world because there is hardly a day where we are not exposed to it. White Americans do not share this same awareness with black culture. White Americans can pop in and out of the black experience as if it were no…

Rioting ‘R Us

The seeds of America are drowning in the spittle soaked soils slowly and steadily tilled by heavy plows of injustice. Imagine your spouse, your parent, or child – the most important person in your life – arrested and detained. And somehow their spine were broken and devoid of medical treatment. Now imagine nearly two weeks pass without explanation or even an effort of status quo platitudes from the powers that be. Only being told to never mind, nothing to see. Only another lawbreaker broken by how justice was designed to be meted out time immemorial. Not good enough for you?…

Let the Games Commence

The truth is the thought-provoked and intelligent are getting tired of condemning the reciprocal violence. We know why it is happening. We understand its roots. We can do nothing but be saddened that the perpetuators of the initial violence are also being used as the “solution” to the current violence. Why is Mutually Assured Destruction cheered when a President says it and reproached when meted out by the masses?

Sunken Treasure

American Exceptionalism is less about any moral leap in global historical relevance and more about the heights of implementing the continual ruthlessness of European hegemony in a twice distilled form.  It is no wonder despite our institution based upon escape from the persecution of the European status quo and multiple wars against Europe to preserve its existence and relevance, we are now aligned with no stronger allies than the birth mother of our existential need to exploit, murder and dominate in the name of liberty (for some) and prosperity (for some).  The American Way is the European Way.