A Political Voice

I generally don’t share my real politics outside the earshot of my best friend. Or at least the depth of my real politics. It’s impossible in the world I live in, where I have a job that I need to keep to fulfill my commitments.

Our free society is fraught with temporal consequence and responsibility.

Further, sharing that depth would be meaningless without understanding what shoes I’ve worn and what nuisances of experiences I’ve benefited from and suffered by along the way to where I stand in the muck and prizes of my life lived.

This is true of anyone and everyone. No matter how noble or vile their politics.

This modern instant global space of unprecedented expansion and explosion of personal media is no excuse to sidestep the moral honesty to clasp hands with what one wants to say and what one ought to say to share and progress their views to others, no matter how superficial or intimate those others are.

Without the context of why I empathize, what life I’ve led, and the reasoning gymnastics that have led me to voice my deeper opinions they are worth nothing to you.

We should audit a history course behind the voices we hear before truly listening.

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