On one hand, there is the crippling fear of the world that nothing changes. On the other, take a damn stand already.

Against that which dissolves our communal best chances at undeniable elevations in decency and improved shared prosperity that doesn’t reference call backs to books written by demagogues seeking nothing less than their own absolute power over other living things undeniably sharing our divine spark.

For that which means more peace, more clean air and water and earth for ourselves and our progeny by admitting our human and temporal limitations as the great species.

Against the concept there is an omnipotent mystical authority that engages and authorizes us to poison the only world we have.

For the profound belief that boundless wonderful possibilities of lives lived well don’t require others live theirs in fear, oppression or bondage to be so. That we are stronger, better and more perfect together than allegiances to tribes of infinite unending conflict.

Against the inward-only thinking of Capitalist mythology that must instead joyfully embrace the outward thinking of empathy, cooperation and the wealth of power in valuing giving over receiving. Everything.

For that intrinsically in your soul’s rhythm of what is right.

Against that which is the repellent recurring coal shoveled furnaces of White Fear that is and has been boundless in its threat to the genuine decencies of all breathing spirits on the planet.

In the context of American politics, it has long been surmised and expressed, generations upon generations ago. And, you can no longer claim, you haven’t been told.

“The strange alchemy of time has somehow converted the Democrats into the truly conservative party in the country—the party dedicated to conserving all that is best and building solidly and safely on these foundations. The Republicans, by contrast, are behaving like the radical party—the party of the reckless and embittered, bent on dismantling institutions which have been built solidly into our social fabric.” -Adlai E. Stevenson (1962)

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