Oracle Database Primer

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This course is a hands-on experience with an Oracle database. Becoming acquainted with Oracle technologies is an enormous context. As a primer, the lesson objectives will prepare the student with the essential knowledge to continue onto other, more in-depth, courses.

This course is offered for free to all, for self-paced learning. Donations are gratefully accepted to assist in continuing being free to all.

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Student Perspectives

This course is appropriate for students with at least one of the following perspectives.

Perspective: Professionals Utilizing Data

I have professional experience with data (e.g., reports, spreadsheets, etc) and seek more practical understanding of the Oracle database itself to get more inventive things accomplished.

Perspective: Experienced with Other Databases Technologies

I already have some knowledge and experience with other databases platforms (e.g., Microsoft Access or SQL Server, MySQL, etc.) and want to expand my knowledge specifically with an Oracle database.

Perspective: Lightly Experienced with Oracle Database Server

I already use an Oracle database and want to learn better practices and deeper knowledge.

Perspective: Software Developers

I am a software developer and I want (or am required) to use an Oracle database.

The Instructor Led Exclusives

While this course is available freely for self-paced learning, Instructor led options are available. The instructor is an Oracle Certified Professional Database Administrator with decades of Oracle database server experience.

Lessons Overview

All lessons are practical, brief and focused on a single objective with a conversational voice – not a regurgitation of technical documentation and instruction available from other sources.


Find an Oracle Database

Author: Michael O'NeillComplexity: Easy

he Oracle Database Primer course is a hands on course. Successful completion of this lesson is to understand the options available to find or create an Oracle database and connect to it.

Extracting Data

Author: Michael O'NeillComplexity: Standard

Persisting data is the primary purpose of a database. Extracting that data using the SQL language from an Oracle database is an essential skill. Gain a basic understanding of the Oracle database table object and exercise core SQL language skills to extract data from tables.

Modifying Data

Author: Michael O'NeillComplexity: Standard

While persisting data is the primary purpose of a database, adding, removing and changing that data is necessary. The student will learn and practice the essential SQL skills to modify data persisted in the database.

Creating Objects

Author: Michael O'NeillComplexity: Standard

Creating objects in the database is necessary to accomplish many inventive activities with the database, unless another actor is creating them on your behalf. Even in those circumstances, there is value in knowing how to more precisely request creating objects.

Introducing the Oracle Data Dictionary

Author: Michael O'NeillComplexity: Easy

The Oracle Data Dictionary contains metadata, the data about objects and data, of the entire database. There are numerous (thousands!) of views available to query and learn about the database. Because the structure of the Data Dictionary goes back to the origins of Oracle database server, it is unfortunately somewhat arcane and opaque.