External/Internal Rachel Dolezel

I think we all know the certain recently (relatively) tightly curled lady of America today this pertains. I know my own struggles. I will forever share my children’s struggle. But that is not owning another’s struggle. It is what is my struggle as a father of little soldiers in the trenches. I demand no empathy. 

My place is this. I am in a place of strength and depth to handle a great many minor indignities. On my own behalf. On the behalf of those incalculably, intrinsically and inseparably mine to bear I make no such compromises. A choice indistinguishable from choice. I cannot choose to be undone from my life.

Private indecision is the avenue of false promises made. Certainty of internal belief doesn’t require a facade  of an insulting external fraud. Rachel Dolezal is such a fraud.

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