Rioting ‘R Us

The seeds of America are drowning in the spittle soaked soils slowly and steadily tilled by heavy plows of injustice. Imagine your spouse, your parent, or child – the most important person in your life – arrested and detained. And somehow their spine were broken and devoid of medical treatment. Now imagine nearly two weeks pass without explanation or even an effort of status quo platitudes from the powers that be. Only being told to never mind, nothing to see. Only another lawbreaker broken by how justice was designed to be meted out time immemorial.

Not good enough for you? Too bad. Shut the fuck up. Or we will break you too. This is what the hurt, angry and sad victims hear, and they are not wrong. It is the mantra of police. Not just today. Always. Everywhere in America.

Despite the current frame of reference in Maryland today, the ongoing riots aren’t the symptom of destroying one black man and having no institutional shame. If you believe one black man’s murder is sufficient cause for mass metropolitan riotous behavior, then you are either confusing that black man with MLK or consciously electing to  have no idea that everyday is a flame under the American teapot flavored with have-less, have-more and poisionous have-so-god-damn-much-it-is-sick-and-evil leaves.

It takes only a minor effort at examining history to understand that riotous behavior is communal, democratic and the basis of all political systems. It is a common denominator of the voiceless to be heard, across the world, in any modern time since millions congregated. The threat of flexing it is arguably more powerful than actually exercising it, and threats eventually become perceived as atrophied muscles without display of feats of strength.

So what about looting? Anyone can imagine situations where it comes down to toe to toe terms with someone, rightly or wrongly defending one’s self or another. Why you’ve rifled through his limp body’s pocket for a wallet is a reflection on a completely different part of your character. If you cannot distinguish in observation or participation between rioting and looting, then you are are a threat to all.

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